Taurean Thermataur Insulated Door Panel Collection

It’s about time Australia was given the opportunity to buy quality insulated garage doors that have been available in America, Europe and the rest of the world for over 15 years.

Premium Quality

Taurean Door Systems is a recognised innovator when it comes to the design and manufacture of Garage doors.

Working in partnership with the leading American manufacturer of premium garage doors, Northwest Door®, Taurean is now able to provide garage doors of a quality not seen in Australia.


The Taurean ThermaTaur® insulated panel door has innovative, environmentally positive features. Each panel is like a sandwich section; an exterior steel skin, EPS core and an interior steel skin.

Unlike most other insulated doors the Taurean ThermaTaur® insulated door has a true thermal break, meaning the inner and outer door skins do not touch and do not transfer the cold or the hot from the outer skin to the inner skin, forming a natural thermal break.

Finished in a baked-on polyester paint and then painted in any chosen colour, it is available in two styles, plain or grooved. A snug weather joint helps prevent air infiltration, heat loss or gain on either side of the door.