4D Swing Gate Operators

  • 4D Doors Entrance Gate Operators by Hormann
  • 4D Doors Entrance Gate Operators by Hormann
  • 4D Doors Entrance Gate Operators by Hormann

Automate access to your yard, house or business with 4D doors range of openers.

The ideal solution for access to private houses: the 24V D-line models can be supplied to support a maximum single-gate weight of up to 400 kg and a maximum single-gate length of 4 m, and are fully maintenance-free.

For commercial applications, the DX series offers robust, powerful motors that will open highly-frequented gates with a maximum weight up to 400 kg and a single-gate width of up to 5 m.


  • Automatic safety cut-out
  • 4D entrance gate operators work reliably during all opening and closing phases.
  • The gate stops immediately if it encounters an obstacle.
  • Non-contact photocells to detect persons or objects provide additional safety.
  • They can be easily integrated in our elegant safety key switch post and placed near the entrance to monitor the area of travel of your hinged or sliding gate.


  • Soft start and soft stop
  • 4D entrance gate operators open quietly and reliably.
  • The gate opens without a jolt and gently brakes before fully closing.
  • This protects the gate and operator and does not disturb your neighbours.


  • Top quality
  • High-quality entrance gate operators from 4D Doors are decidedly robust, ensuring that they can remain in good mechanical condition over the long run.
  • Weather-resistant and lasting material ensures long-term function.
  • Our RotaMatic version also comes with integral heating for use in especially cold regions.