Steel-line DecoVogue Garage Doors

  • Steel-line DecoVogue Garage Doors

Steel-line DecoVogue Garage Doors

Using patented technology licensed from Decoral in Italy, Steel-Line is able to offer a range of garage doors never before seen in Australia - the seven designs are - Copper, Lustre, Bronze, Platinum, Titanium, Rustic and Cork. A DecoVogue garage door will create a facade for your house that will be the envy of your street while offering the security and longevity of a traditional steel garage door at a price you can afford.

DecoVogue garage doors look natural because the process uses real images of natural materials to create the films that are photo imaged onto traditional garage doors.

Made from only the best quality Australian products such as BlueScope® Steel, our DecoVogue sectional garage doors offer all the security and peace of mind that you have come to expect from Steel-Line garage doors. Proudly manufactured right here in Australia, DecoVogue sectional garage doors are built tough enough to endure the extremes of Australia's harsh weather conditions.

DecoVogue garage doors are available in a choice of seven designs which are applied using a polymer based powder coating with a photo image transfer in a process exclusive to Steel-Line. Designed with value for money and quality in mind, our DecoVogue garage door will add a whole new dimension to your home.