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  • ATA SmartSolar 30W Solar Power Kit


This Listing Includes

  • 30W Solar Panel (740mm x 360mm)
  • 12Ah Battery Box (2x 12V Batteries)
  • SOL-2 v1.01 Charger Board - (4-pin)
  • FREE standard delivery Australia wide



  • With the advance of solar technology, it makes great sense to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and simplify the complexity of some installs
  • Your garage door or gate opener can be powered continually using the sun's energy through SmartSolar™ Ready Solar Power system. The system's efficient design requires only a single solar panel per opener, and incorporates a battery system so your opener works at night or during bad weather



  • ATA & B&D Pre-Gen2 Openers (4-pin)
  • ATA GDO-4 EasyRoller®
  • ATA GDO-6v2 EasyRoller®
  • ATA GDO-6v3 EasyRoller®
  • ATA GDO-8v2 Shed Master®
  • ATA GDO-8v3 Shed Master®
  • ATA GDO-2 SecuraLift®
  • ATA GDO-7v1 SecuraLift®
  • ATA GDO-7v2 Securalift®
  • ATA GDO-7v3 SecuraLift®
  • ATA GDO-9v1 SecuraLift®
  • ATA GDO-9v2 Enduro™
  • ATA GDO-9v3 Dynamo™
  • ATA GDO-11 Ero™
  • ATA CB-9 Gate Control Board
  • ATA CB-19 Control Board
  • ATA DCB-05 Gate Control Board


Warranty: 12 Months


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ATA SmartSolar 30W Solar Power Kit

  • $630.00

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