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Our new flagship roll-up garage door opener, the EasyRoller® Gen2 expands on the international standard set by its predecessor. Retaining the proven slimness, technological performance and reliability, this new opener introduces key technologies including Wireless Safety Beam compatibility and LED lighting

The EasyRoller® Gen2 takes forward the impressive reputation earned by this series of openers over the past decade. This new version incorporates bright LED courtesy lighting and compatibility with Wireless Safety Beams. Also, the Service Indicator lets you know when it is time to service your door. This is in addition to TrioCode™128 transmitters for security, Soft Start/Soft Stop for quietness, advanced door profi ling and obstruction sensing for safe, reliable operation


This Listing Includes

  • Brand New ATA GDO6v4Motor
  • 2 PTX5v2 Remotes
  • Easy Access Transmitter
  • 30W SmartSolar™ Solar Power Kit - Gen2
  • Wireless Safety Beams
  • Easy to read instructions
  • FREE Delivery



  • Genuine Brand New ATA Quality Motor GDO6v4
  • The Slim-Drive EasyRoller offers one of the smallest side room requirements on the Australian market – just 40mm from door curtain to bracket
  • Its compact size allows for installation in the tightest of situations without compromising features and quality
  • A 600N Motor means this opener is reliable and consistent
  • An LED Courtesy light means your immediate surroundings can be lit for added security and safety
  • The Service Indicator lets you know when your motor needs to be serviced
  • Triocode128 remotes provide the latest in remote security with trillions of possible combinations
  • Easy Access Transmitter to allow you to open and close the door from inside your garage
  • SmartSolar™ - With the advance of solar technology, it makes great sense to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and simplify the complexity of some installs. Your garage door opener can be powered continually using the sun's energy through SmartSolar™ Ready Solar Power system. The system's efficient design requires only a single solar panel per opener, and incorporates a battery system so your opener works at night or during bad weather
  • Wireless Safety Beams - Using leading edge technology, battery powered Wireless Safety Beams provide all the safety and security, but without the unsightly conduit or difficulty in installation required by traditional units. As soon as an object or person moves through the invisible photo-electric beam the door will stop, or reverse to avert serious damage being done. Safety Beams also enable Auto-Close functions on your opener, which close your door on a predetermined time. This means if you forget to press your transmitter button when leaving, your home will not be left unsecured



  • Suitable for continuous curtain residential roll up doors up to 16.5m2 in size


Warranty: 5 Year / 10,000 Cycle Warranty

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ATA GDO6v4 Gen2, SmartSolar 30W Solar Power Kit & Wireless Safety Beam System

  • $1,300.00

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