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  • 1x ATA & B&D Stand-Alone Receiver - TrioCode128/Tri-Tran+ (128-bit) - 14800
  • FREE standard delivery Australia wide



  • 2 Channel
  • Input Power - 12-24V AC/DC
  • Connection Type - Terminal Block
  • Output Channels - 1 / 2 Normally Open, 1 / 2 Normally Closed
  • Relay Operating Modes - Pulse / Hold / Timer
  • Relay Rating - 1A @ 24V DC
  • Transmitter Memory - 250
  • Transmitter Types - TrioCode™ & Tri-Tran®
  • PG-3 Compatible - Yes
  • Antenna Length - 170mm
  • Co-Axial Antenna Terminal - Yes



  • ATA PTX-5v2 TrioCode™128 4-Button Transmitter - Grey
  • ATA WTX-4v2 TrioCode™128 4-Button Wall Mount Transmitter
  • ATA PTX-2v2 TrioCode™128 2-Button Water Resistant Transmitter
  • ATA EAT-2v2 Easy Access Transmitter - TrioCode™128
  • ATA KPX-7v2 Wireless Keypad - TrioCode™128
  • B&D TB-6 Premium Transmitter (Red)
  • B&D TB-6 Premium Transmitter (Black)
  • B&D WTB-6 Wall Mount Transmitter
  • B&D TB-5v2 Transmitter
  • B&D KPX-7v2 Wireless Keypad


Warranty: 12 Months


Please Note

TrioCode™/Tri-Tran™ receivers are compatible with both TrioCode™/Tri-Tran™ and TrioCode™128/Tri-Tran+™ transmitters


This receiver can have either TrioCode™128 and TrioCode™ or Tri-Tran™ and Tri-Tran+™ coded into it. This is on a ''first in'' basis only, i.e. if a TrioCode™ or TrioCode™128 transmitter is first coded into this receiver a Tri-Tran™ or Tri-Tran+™ can not, and vice versa


TrioCode™128 and Tri-Tran+™ technology transmitters are backward compatible with existing TrioCode™ and Tri-Tran™ openers (e.g. with blue or green aerial). Thus, TrioCode™128 and TriTran+™ transmitters can be coded into TrioCode™ and Tri-Tran™ openers. However, original TriCode™ and Tri-Tran™ transmitters are not forward compatible with TrioCode™128 and Tri-Tran+™ openers




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ATA & B&D Stand-Alone Receiver - TrioCode128/Tri-Tran+ (128-bit) FHCRX-1v2

  • $99.00

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