Internal Door Operators

  • Internal Door Operators by Hormann
  • Internal Door Operators by Hormann
  • Internal Door Operators by Hormann

With the Hörmann PortaMatic door operator, you can open and close your timber and steel internal doors automatically via hand transmitter or button. The door operator PortaMatic features not only an array of functions and settings, but also minimal power consumption.

Whether you are physically disabled or would simply like more convenience – this technology will make your everyday life easier.

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Senior-Friendly Residences

Would you like to stay mobile despite physical limitations? The PortaMatic operator for internal doors improves your quality of life by helping you move about your home unaided.

Convenient Living

You can now carry full trays, heavy crates of beverages or your shopping bags into your rooms unhindered. Even if you don’t need the automatic door operator PortaMatic for health reasons, you will never want to do without this convenience again – we guarantee it!

Barrier-Free Working

Barrier-free working already plays an important role and will continue to gain importance in the future. The high safety thanks to low-energy operation makes the PortaMatic an ideal door operator for e.g. offices, hospitals, laboratories and doctors' practices.*

Hygienic Door Operation

The risk of infection among employees and patients is especially high on internal doors in doctors practices or lavatory doors in office buildings. In combination with a non-contact switch, the PortaMatic door operator provides reliable protection from germs and bacteria, giving you a sense of security.

Reasons to try Internal Doors:

  • Reliable door operation
  • Innovative radio system
  • Simple fitting, simple connection
  • Optical and acoustic convenience functions