Perimeter Security

  • Perimeter Security by Hormann
  • Perimeter Security by Hormann
  • Perimeter Security by Hormann

Hotel complexes, company access roads, exhibition grounds, public spaces: irrespective of your security requirements and the area you wish to protect. An exceptionally wide range of bollards, road blockers, barriers and tyre killers will provide you with everything you need. We can create complete control concepts to put the right system in place for your security requirements.

Whether it is the Security Line for private and public areas or the High-Security Line for maximum protection in high-security environments – Hörmann sets the standard.

Security Line - Security for private and public areas

  • Automatic bollards: Automatic bollards are available in three versions: with an integrated electromechanical operator for medium-frequency use, and with an integrated hydraulic operator for high-frequency use. The RI-H automatic bollard offers a particularly high level of protection with reinforced cylinder material.
  • Semi-automatic bollards: With integrated gas springs, semi-automatic bollards are suited to low-frequency use. No power connection is required for installation. The bollard can be lowered by pushing it down manually and raised automatically with the integrated gas spring.
  • Removable bollards: For very low-frequency use of approx. 2 movements per day, removable bollards are recommended, which are installed at ground level and can be detached without the need for tools. The closed bottom section ensures that there are no openings in the ground even when the bollard is removed.
  • Fixed bollards: The fixed bollards with bottom plate are identical in appearance to automatic and semiautomatic bollards. The cylinders can be dismantled should these become damaged. The fixed bollards with ground anchor are an entry model offering excellent value for money. For particularly high protection, the RI-FF fixed bollards with reinforced cylinder material and floor mounting are recommended.

High-Security Line - Maximum protection for high-security sectors

  • High Security bollards: The High-Security Line bollards are suitable for the protection of areas susceptible to risk. These are available in automatic, removable and fixed versions and have been certified in crash tests or meet with the applicable safety requirements. The High-Security Line cylinders are identical in appearance to the Security Line cylinders.
  • Road blockers: The use of road blockers are recommended for increased security at entrances and exits of up to 6 metres in width. These are available with a height of 500 mm or 1000 mm in the Road Blocker 500 and Road Blocker 1000 versions respectively. The Road Blocker 500 SF is suitable for installation on finished flooring, as no excavation work is required.
  • Lift Barriers: Controlled entrance and exit up to 10 metres is secured by barriers. They are suited to high-frequency use and satisfy stringent safety requirements.
  • Tyre killers: Tyre killers enable controlled one-way traffic, while simultaneously preventing travel in the opposite direction. While the Tyre Killer M version is suitable for medium-frequency use, the Tyre Killer H is intended for high-frequency use.

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