4D Fire Sliding Doors

  • Fire Sliding Doors by Hormann

Depending on the fire load, 4D Doors provides reliable sliding door solutions in single and double-leaf versions that comply with requirements for operation and risk - for all areas. The fire protection designs are tested in accordance with DIN 4102, their quality is continuously monitored by MPA Braunschweig and they are approved by DIBt.
Smoke-tight fire sliding doors for safe escape and rescue routes are additionally tested in accordance with DIN 18095. They are well-suited for all areas with high personnel frequency, where, in the case of fire, people must be protected from the spread of life-threatening fumes.

For fast passage of pedestrians, hand trucks or smaller trolleys, fire sliding doors with wicket/escape door are suitable. For fire protection reasons, wicket/escape doors are equipped with slide rail overhead door closers.

High-quality overall appearance

  • High-quality overall appearance with the patented groove/spring element connection
  • 4D sliding doors offer a modern door appearance through a patented V groove at the element joint without visible screw connections.
  • The high stability is ensured through the interlocked, toothed labyrinth plug-in profile.
  • The elements are 72 mm wide, fully glued and flush, and aligned with each other through threaded rods.
  • This creates a high-quality door leaf with parallel, uniform-width borders.
  • The individual elements are up to 9 m high and are produced from a single piece without any weld seams. This results in a high-quality door appearance.

Precise door leaf guide

  • Precise door leaf guide with patented track
  • The cylindrical track roller and the stable track roller, in conjunction with the patented track, work together to provide an optimal force balance.
  • Quiet operation and easy actuation is ensured, thanks to a suspension with ball-bearing.
  • The track can be precisely adjusted in three dimensions using adjusting screws.
  • A track panel in the colour of the door leaf results in a harmonious overall appearance.

Exclusive Pearlgrain surface finish

  • Resistant Pearlgrain version
  • For special requirements a sliding door, including wicket door, can be produced with the Pearlgrain surface.
  • This surface is resistant to mechanical damage during operation and fitting.
  • The galvanized version is especially suited for use in warehouses and areas with frequent traffic.
  • The track panel, weight box and profile all have smooth design.
  • The Pearlgrain surface is optionally available in a RAL colour of your choice.

Wicket door without threshold rail

  • Wicket doors without threshold rails provide more convenience and safety
  • 4D is the only manufacturer with licensed trip-free wicket doors for smoke-tight sliding doors.
  • Opening the wicket door in both directions is possible, depending on the rescue route planning.
  • It can be variably fitted to either open into the reveal or away from it.
  • Furthermore, two wicket doors per door leaf are possible, opening in opposite directions, as well as glazing in the door set.