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This listing includes

  • EAT2v2 Easy Access Transmitter - TrioCode™128 (incl. cord)
  • FREE standard delivery Australia wide



  • ATA PTX-5v1 TrioCode™ 4-Button Transmitter - Orange
  • ATA PTX-5v1 TrioCode™ 4-Button Transmitter - Pink
  • EAT-2v1 Easy Access Transmitter - TrioCode™
  • ATA GDO-9v2 Enduro™
  • ATA GDO-9v2 Enduro™ Gen2
  • ATA GDO-9v3 Dynamo™
  • ATA GDO-9v3 Dynamo™ Gen2
  • ATA GDO-11v1 Ero®
  • ATA GDO-6v3 EasyRoller®
  • ATA GDO-9v4 EasyRoller® Gen2
  • ATA GDO-8v3 Shed Master®
  • ATA GDO-10v2 Toro®
  • ATA GDO-10v3 Toro®
  • ATA NeoSlider® Gen2
  • ATA NeoSlider®
  • ATA EasySlider™ MS
  • ATA DCB-05
  • ATA DCB-05 Gen2


Warranty: 12 Months


Please Note

TrioCode™128 technology transmitters are backward compatible with existing TrioCode™ openers (e.g. with blue or green aerial). Thus, TrioCode™128 transmitters can be coded into TrioCode™ openers. However, original TriCode™ transmitters are not forward compatible with TrioCode™128 openers



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ATA EAT2v2 Easy Access Transmitter

  • $45.50

  • 2 or more $44.50

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