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  • ATA NeoSlider Gen2 + SmartSolar


This Listing Includes

  • Weather resistant opener - NeoSlider™ Gen2 - 60126
  • SmartSolar™ System (30W Solar Panel, 12Ah Battery Box & SOL-2 v1.02 Charger Board - Gen2 Ready)
  • 2 Transmitters (PTX-5v2)
  • Installation manual
  • FREE standard delivery Australia wide



  • Single Gate Solar Kit
  • The NeoSlider™ range combines clever electronics and robust mechanics to make residential sliding gate automation simple. It features a variety of operating modes, keyed lockout, numerous inputs to interface with devices such as intercom
  • SmartSolar™ System - With the advance of solar technology, it makes great sense to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and simplify the complexity of some installs. Your gate opener can be powered continually using the sun's energy through SmartSolar™ Ready Solar Power system. The system's efficient design requires only a single solar panel per opener, and incorporates a battery system so your opener works at night or during bad weather



  • Soft Start / Soft Stop - Reduces stress on the gate and opener for longer life
  • Intelligent Safety System - If contact is made with an obstruction while moving, the opener either stops or reverses
  • Gate Profiling - The amount of power at different stages of gate travel is learnt and constantly reprofiled
  • TrioCode™128 Technology - Transmits on 3 frequencies for the ultimate in security



  • Input Voltage - 230-240V a.c 1-phase
  • Transformer Rating - 150VA
  • Standby Power - 2.8W
  • Motor Type - 24V d.c Permanent Magnet
  • Motor Power - 100W
  • Peak Driving Force - 200N
  • Rated Gate Leaf Weight - 250kg
  • Maximum Gate Width - 9800mm
  • Typical Travel Speed (gate and setting dependent) - 200mm/sec
  • Receiver/Transmitter Frequency - Multi-frequency UHF FM (433.47, 433.92 & 434.37MHz)
  • Coding System - Code hopping (Non-linear encryption algorithm)
  • Transmitter Type - TrioCode™128
  • Transmitter Capacity - 30
  • Courtesy Light - Output available (with optional light relay module)
  • Weather Resistance Rating - IP44
  • Safety Beam Compatibility - 2x Wireless/2-wire Safety Beams or 2x 3-wire Wired Safety Beams
  • LED Screen - Yes



  • Sliding gate up to 250kg and 9800mm wide


Warranty: 2 Year / 5,000 cycles, whichever occurs first


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ATA NeoSlider Gen2 + SmartSolar

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