4D Sectional Garage Doors

  • 4D Doors Sectional Garage Doors by Hormann
  • 4D Doors Sectional Garage Doors by Hormann
  • 4D Doors Sectional Garage Doors by Hormann
  • 4D Doors Sectional Garage Doors by Hormann

Sectional doors are a great option for your home as no matter how your garage opening is, they fit anywhere. Another advantage is that sectional doors are made in standard sizes, meaning it is easy to modernise if you feel the need.

The modern and elegant sectional garage door provided by 4D opens vertically upwards, meaning that you'll have more space both inside and in front of the garage.

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A harmonious overall appearance

  • Even spacing and invisible section transitions for ribbed doors
  • Garage doors are distinguished by even, exact spacing of sections. The sections are shaped so that the transitions are practically invisible when the door is closed.
  • To add to the overall appearance, a practical side door with an alignment matching the sectional garage doors is also available.

Matching appearance of frames and door leaves

  • A harmonious overall appearance for all surface finishes
  • The perfect appearance of a door is the result of many small details: For white doors and all surface finishes, the fascia panel is always provided matching the door sections. This ensures that everything fits together. The side frames are available with a white Woodgrain surface finish as standard. For sectional doors with the surface finishes Sandgrain, Silkgrain or Decograin, the frame coverings are optionally available in the surface finish of the door section. For Micrograin doors, the frame covering is provided with a smooth surface finish.

  • Frame coverings in the same colour or style as the door section
  • Coloured sectional doors and doors with Decograin surface finishes are also optionally available with frame coverings that match the surface finish and colour or the style of the door sections. The fascia panels for these doors always match the surface finish and colour or style of the door section.

Choose the appropriate type of door

You can choose between single-skinned LTE doors that are ideal for free-standing garages that do not need any thermal insulation, and double-skinned insulated LPU 42 doors, which are also more stable and smooth-running. If the design of your house is dominated by timber, then Hörmann doors LTH with solid timber infill are particularly suited for you.

  • LPU 67 Thermo
  • The energy-saving door offers excellent thermal insulation thanks to the 67-mm-thick sections with thermal break.
  • LPU 42
  • Double-skinned LPU 42 doors offer the best-possible insulation. Moreover, the 42-mm-thick sections give the door the greatest stability and make for quiet operation.
  • LTE
  • The single-skinned LTE doors are ideal for free-standing garages that do not need any thermal insulation.
  • LTH
  • Doors made of solid timber panels are excellently suited for timber houses or buildings with many timber elements, such as timber framing or facade elements.

Optimum long-term protection

  • Also resistant to waterlogging
  • A non-brittle, 4 cm plastic frame shoe offers long-term protection against corrosion (even with waterlogging) that is unmatched by competitor solutions.
  • The frame shoe completely covers the frame in the area susceptible to rust. Only this offers true long-term protection.
  • Together with the door's bottom seal, the frame shoe makes a bottom edge that is visually appealing.

Thermal Insulation

  • With thermal break between the frame and the building structure
  • A well-insulated garage door is always recommended when the garage and the home are directly connected. To further improve the already high insulation values, especially of its LPU sectional door, 4D Doors has developed the ThermoFrame frame connection, a plastic profile that can be simply fitted together with the door frame.
  • This creates a thermal break between the frame and the brickwork, improving thermal insulation by up to 15 %*. The optional ThermoFrame frame connection is available for all 4D sectional doors.
  • For a double-skinned sectional garage door LPU size 5000 × 2125 mm

Practical Solutions

  • Wicket door with trip-free threshold
  • Wicket doors are recommended for easy passage into your garage. You can also retrieve bicycles or gardening equipment from your garage without opening the door.
  • The stainless steel threshold is only 10 mm in the centre and 5 mm high at the sides. This makes it easier to wheel things through and reduces the risk of tripping up.

More Security

  • Reliable protection with the anti-lift kit
  • Uninvited guests barely stand a chance with 4D's automatic sectional doors. When the garage door is closed, the anti-lift kit automatically engages in the operator boom's stop, then locks immediately and is secured against forced opening. This door latching functions purely mechanically, and in contrast to competitor operators, continues to secure the door even when the power fails.

Flush-fitting fascia panels

  • Flush-Fitting Fascia Panels
  • For LPU doors, a fascia panel is the most elegant solution for an invisible transition between the panel and door leaf. When the door is closed, the top door section is flush with the panel.